Parking on Campus
A parking permit will be required for parking in certain lots on campus.  Please print a copy of the permit (below) to display on your car's dashboard.
Friday, November 1, it will be easiest to park in lots 5, 6, or 7 and walk across campus.
Saturday, November 2, CCSCE attendees will be able to park in lots 17 and 18 without a permit.
Persons with disabilities will find spots in lot 17 (or 18 when it is open) on both days.

- Parking Permit - Please print this permit to display on your car's dashboard

When you Arrive
Registration for the conference will generally be held in the Education Building (nearest to lots 17/18) for most of the conference.
On Friday, from about 11:30 until the end of the welcome/opening keynote, registration will be in the library where these events are being held.