CCSCE 2010 Award Winners

Best Faculty Paper

A CS0 Course Using Scratch 
Mona Rizvi, Thorna Humphries, Norfolk State University 
Debra Major, Meghan Jones, Heather Lauzun, Old Dominion University 

Best Faculty Poster

Teaching Introductory Computing Through Creative Story Telling 
Mary Elizabeth Jones, Melanie Kisthardt, Immaculata University

First Place: Student Poster

Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks 
Brian Lim, Michael Bruckel, Ursinus College

Second Place: Student Poster

An Implementation of the Ω Failure Detector for a Restricted Crash-Recovery Model 
Jason Ginther, Moravian College 

Third Place: Student Poster

Developing Semantic Web Technologies for Biological Data Representation
Alison Nolan, Ryan Lehman, Ursinus College

First Place: Programming Competition

American University “nonames”
Cameron Cook
Will Peterson
Almas Kebekbayev
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Black

Second Place: Programming Competition

St. Mary’s College of Maryland “Seahawks”
Gary Beverungen
Alex Roca
Greg Herpel
Faculty Sponsor: Lindsay Jamieson

Third Place: Programming Competition

Moravian College “30 Helens”
Jason Ginther
Evan Altemose
Peter Baio
Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Lang