CCSCE 2011 Award Winners

Best Faculty Paper

Models For Teaching Healthcare Informatics: A Survey of Healthcare Informatics Programs 
Bonnie MacKellar, St. John's University 

Best Faculty Poster

COMTOR: Toward Automated Grading and Feedback of Student Source Code Comments
Peter DePasquale, The College of New Jersey
Michael Locastro, The University of Calgary
Miroslav Martinovic, The College of New Jersey

First Place: Student Poster

Identifying Active Variables to Improve the Performance of Operator Overloading Automatic Differentiation
Drew Wicke, York College of Pennsylvania

Second Place: Student Poster

The NP-Completeness of MATH-N
Rebekah Overdorf, Moravian College 

Third Place: Student Poster

Quantum Cryptography: Security on The Edge
Christopher Wallace, Shepherd University

First Place: Programming Competition

Bob Jones University
Joel Schaeffer
Daniel Dersch
Sam Stephens
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Second Place: Programming Competition

Villanova University
Thomas English
Jeff Linahan
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Third Place: Programming Competition

Juniata College, Michael Cassatt, Leanna Yeager, Austin Moffa
Juniata College
Michael Cassatt
Leanna Yeager
Austin Moffa
Faculty Sponsor: John Wright