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CCSCE 2016 Award Winners

Best Faculty Paper

Using the Game Boy Advance to Teach Computer Systems and Architecture
Ian Finlayson, The University of Mary Washington

Best Faculty Poster

Git-keeper: An Automated Assignment Testing System Based on Git 
Ben Coleman, Moravian College, Nathan Sommer, The College of Wooster

Best Student Poster

foramSIM: Design and Analysis of a Computer Simulation for Training Students to Identify Morphological Characteristics in Select Foraminifera 
Kristine Hooks, University of Mary Washington

Programming Contest

First Place:  Bob Jones University - Nathan Collins, Sam Henry, Stephan Sidwell
Second Place:  Frostburg State University - Matt Dameron, Joseph Shipway, Daniel Wojnar
Third Place:  Bob Jones University - Mark Bixler, Jacob Brazeal, Tim Kephart